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Ascot Quality Leather Running Martingale with Stainless Steel fittings.


A Running Martingale is one of the most popular rider aids. It is used
to help prevent the horse from raising his head too high. It consists of
a 1/2"(13mm) neck strap and a second strap, 1"(25mm) wide, which is
attached to the girth and passes between the horses front legs before
dividing into two pieces. At the end of each of these straps is a small
metal ring through which the reins pass.

When the horse carries its head in the correct position no pressure is
felt. However, should the horse raise its head the martingale will
restrict the movement of the reins, which in turn causes the bit to bear
down on the bars of the horses mouth.

We recommend the martingale is used with rubber rein stops, which are
located on the rein between the bit & the Martingale ring.

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