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Product Details

Super Plus Fly Repellent is one of two fly repellents that we
manufacture – see also 'Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent.'

An award winning top selling brand leader, Super Plus Fly Repellent
leads the field for Ease of Use, Effectiveness & Value for Money.

Tried and trusted by thousands, Super Plus Fly Repellent remains the 'No
1' selling product of it's kind to deter all those nasty flying insects,
and most importantly, where Super Plus has been sprayed, it protects
against and calms the effects of midge bites. Where irritation is a
problem Super Plus Fly Repellent will help stop the need to rub and
soothe sore areas.

Climate change is part of all our futures. We expect longer periods of
warm, damp weather – ideal conditions for insects to thrive. Our
formulation uses sustainable plant-derived actives and co-formulants
which enables us to adapt to these new climate conditions. This means
that we are constantly looking to improve our formulations and keep our
products the most effective and best value for money on the market,
whilst at the same time ensuring that they are totally safe and kind to
the animal, users themselves and to the environment.

Uses: Super Plus Fly Repellent is your best form of defence against
attack on horses, ponies and donkeys from all flying insects such as
BLACK FLIES, whilst calming and soothing the effects of midge bite. Our
strong formulation with incredible staying power is ready to fight even
larger, blood sucking and repellent resistant bugs, ensuring it is your
only choice to help your horse live comfortably and happily in an insect

Fully HSE Approved – Licence No. 8725 & 8726: HSE Approval – Licence
Nos: 8725 & 8726. The active ingredient is Eucalyptus citriodora oil,
hydrated and cyclised 1.5% w/w.

Contents: A blend of concentrated herbal oils, volatile essential oils
and pure avocado oil. Fly repellents can have a drying effect, which is
why we include pure and concentrated Avocado Oil, the very best quality
skin and coat conditioner for equine use. In the warmer weather the skin
tends to become flaky and the hair dry and coarse. High in Vitamins A, D
and E it deep conditions hair and nourishes the skin.

Horse Flies: Our formulation is powerful enough to deter the largest of
flying insects. Horse flies are hated by riders and horses alike because
they really hurt when they bite. They have a knife-like mouthpiece that
breaks through the skin by slashing it, in order that they can then feed
off the blood. The skin is left with raised, sore and very irritating
lumps. Our formulations will soothe and help stop the need to rub.

Directions for use : Always shake well. Use as and when required. Can be
applied directly to raw and exposed areas and to help stop the need to
rub. Apply liberally avoiding eyes and nasal passages.

Trigger Spray: Quiet, fine action spray ensures full and even coverage.

Refill: Self explanatory and also very useful if your horse dislikes
sprays – apply using a cloth.

Gel: Very useful for those more awkward areas such as the head, belly
and sheath. Please note that gels can attract the sunlight and cause
burning if not applied sparingly.

Broken Skin: When animals constantly rub and loose their hair the skin
can become very sore and eventually break open to reveal sore areas
where bacteria can thrive.

Super Plus Fly Repellent is a powerful yet gentle formulation which can
be applied directly to broken and sore areas to stop the need to rub and
so prevent hair loss. Also try our 'Anti-bacterial Skin Spray' which can
be used in conjunction with 'Super Plus Fly Repellent' to help calm
irritation, give instant protection and aid natural healing.

Sensitivity: Barrier Animal Healthcare appreciates that some horses,
ponies and donkeys have thin sensitive skins. Many animals suffer
allergic reactions to natural or synthetic products and for this reason,
if you think that your horse, pony or donkey may react to products we
advise you to carry out a small patch test before use.

Safety Data: 100% Natural and No Nasty Chemicals. We appreciate that
horses, ponies and donkeys have sensitive skins and may suffer severe
allergic reactions to certain natural ingredients. For this reason,
Barrier Animal Healthcare DOES NOT include citronella or vinegar in any
of their repellent formulations.

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