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The Kylo exudes quality, style and comfort with an easy-to-fit precision
dial-fit system. Complete with a removable washable headband.

Certified to three international safety standards. Optional MIPS
technology available to protect you with the very best in helmet safety.


Dial-adjustable precision fit


Flexible peak

Extensive ventilation to maximise cooling

Fully adjustable, leather-look harness

Quick-release harness buckle

Machine washable wicking fabric removable headband

MIPS protection (optional from July 2023)

Available in both standard and wide peak in all sizes

FSC sustainably sourced and recycled packaging


Small: 52-55cm

Medium: 55-58cm

Large: 58-61cm

Shells are universal and will fit both round and oval-shaped heads.

How to measure your head.

How to fit:

Place the helmet on the head and hold roughly 1cm above the eyebrow, at
its loosest setting.

Whilst holding the peak in place, begin to slowly tighten the dial
fixing at the back of the helmet until secure.

Please tighten your dial-fit carefully. Over-tightening of the dial-fit
mechanism when the helmet is being worn may cause the dial to lock. If
this occurs, simply remove the helmet and release the dial.

Check the fit by gently pulling down on the peak or front of the helmet.
The skin above the eyebrows should move with the motion of the helmet if
it fits correctly. Independent movement from the helmet is an indication
the helmet is too big or the dial is not fastened tight enough.

Due to the dial-fit securing the helmet at the base of the skull
(occipital ridge), consistent contact around the perimeter of the helmet
is not necessary.

The chin strap should fit just under the chin and gently touch the
bottom of the ear lobe, avoiding the throat.

One finger’s width should be between the chin and the chin strap. The
gap between the chin and the chin strap indicates how far the helmet
could move in an accident.

When doing the chin strap up, place your finger between the strap and
your chin to ensure you don’t pinch.

Before removing the helmet, you should undo the dial. This helps prevent
unnecessary stress on the dial fixing and ensures you are securing it
correctly with every wear.

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