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Kentucky Horsewear Pastern Wraps are tough with neoprene lining and a
strong Velcro closure. Pastern Wraps protect the horse’s legs from
knocks and injury in the pastern area. A zone not protected by most
conventional boots.

Conventional boots and bandages often leave the pastern area exposed.
Therefore these wraps styled in Neoprene, with a double cushioned outer
seam for additional comfort, deflect direct contact from over-reaching
or contact with fences when jumping.

The Kentucky Horsewear Pastern Wraps look great and are lightweight.
They are also breathable and defend against knocks and injuries. Hence
help protect the vulnerable pastern area of the leg.

The wraps are easy to adjust due to a generous single Velcro strap. This
allows the wraps to sit snugly around the leg, so reduce the risk of

Machine washable and easy care, they are great addition to your tack
room, whatever your discipline.

Available in black, one size only, set of two.

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