Product Details

Now this is rather special. The Sovereign is a professional leather
competition boot made from the softest, best quality leather with a
show-ring shine and finish

Concealed laces at the instep flex with your foot as you ride giving you
supreme comfort in and out of the stirrup. There’s also excellent
ankle support without compromising flexibility and these features should
add up to the perfect fit from the start – no breaking in. The addition
of ultra-cushioning Shock-X insoles make this the perfect boot for
seriously hard-working riders or competitors.

CARE TIP: Remember to unzip the boot all the way down to the bottom when
you're putting on and taking off the Sovereign. Our quality YKK zips are
pretty robust and are guaranteed for a year, but a sure-fire way to
destroy them is to jam your foot in or out when the pull tab isn't all
the way to the bottom.

please remember these are riding and competition boots – they're not
designed for working around the yard. Love them and look after them with
the care they deserve.

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